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RoofSnap has been measuring roofs remotely for more than 6 years and we’ve learned a lot along the way. Fill out the form to read or download our complete guide, Remote Roof Measurements, and get the full details on what remote measurements can provide your business.

Faster Sales

Remote measurements streamline the beginning of the sales process and let your team build their estimates faster. We detail the time-savings your business could see in our guide.

Increased Accuracy

When coupled with HD imagery, tools like RoofSnap reach a level of accuracy you won’t find anywhere else.

Our guide digs into your imagery options.

Streamlined Estimates

Say goodbye to re-entering data and doing the math to calculate your materials. Your estimates can be tied directly to your remote measurements for even more time-savings. Check out the guide for more!

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“RoofSnap allows me to concentrate on the customer and gives me back hours in my day that I used to spend crawling around roofs.”

Mason N.

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