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Ready for Remote Sales?

In this webinar, we tackled today’s roofing sales environment. What customers are coming to expect and what tools your company can bring to the table to meet their expectations. Watch our recorded webinar to see how RoofSnap’s remote measurement tools, easy estimates, and digital documents can help you meet today’s challenges head-on.

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Flexible Measurements

You have choices with RoofSnap! Learn how to measure roofs yourself or have our team measure for you. Either way, you end up with accurate measurements.

Fast Estimates

See how your RoofSnap measurement projects feed directly into your estimates. Build estimates with your pricing and share them with your customers over email.

Digital Documents

We’ll show you how documents are securely saved in your RoofSnap account, and shareable in whatever way you’d like. Send PDFs as attachments or print them out! Either way, they’re professionally formatted and branded with your logo.

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“RoofSnap is like having an extra estimator. It's one of the best programs I've come across in my 30+ years in the roofing business.”

Mason N.

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